Term 2 Week 10 - 1st July 2022

Security Camera Installation during the Holidays


I want to inform parents that an added security measure to prevent vandalism and vaping at the College is currently being put in place. Security and surveillance cameras are being installed at various points around the College to monitor student movement. Whilst it is disappointing to have to implement this measure, increased vandalism, as well as higher rates of damage to the College bathrooms during the school day and a high incidence of student vaping, has led to this decision. Video footage will only be accessible internally at the College and only by members of leadership, or police if required. Whilst I have little doubt, that both the vandalism and vaping involve a very small percentage of students, it is not something staff, students or parents wish to have continued as part of the St Joseph’s Regional College culture.

Term 2 Wrap-up

As this term concludes, I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the dedication and commitment to learning shown by staff, students and their families over the past semester. It is also warming to know after the past two years of disruptions, that students have now established routines and consistency around their learning. 

Semester One Award Ceremonies

On Wednesday we celebrated and acknowledged excellence in academic achievements of students from Years 7-11. Congratulations to all students for their efforts so far this year. Occasions such as today, present students with an opportunity to reflect on their personal academic goals, and I would encourage all students to set new goals for Semester Two. As a College community, we will continue to set goals that challenge our students, both academically and interpersonal, to achieve their personal best and to reflect on how they are able to serve others.

I would like to thank the staff involved for their organisation and for ensuring the Year 7-10 and Year 11 Semester One Awards Ceremonies were a huge success. While I understand, that not all families are able to attend College events; I would like to acknowledge and thank the many parents who were able to attend the ceremonies. It was certainly lovely to have your presence at our College.

Year 11 Semester One Awards

Outstanding Achievement (Gold)
To receive an Outstanding Achievement Award, students in Year 11 must have received Excellence and Application Awards in four or more subjects

Congratulations to the Outstanding Achievement Award recipients:

Lorena Dionigi
Emma Freeman
Jeffrey Keena
Chelsea Lewis
Findlay Marshall
Luke Squire

Outstanding Application (Green)
To receive an Outstanding Application Award, students in Year 11 must have received Application Awards in five or more subjects. 

Congratulations to the Outstanding Application Award recipients:

Katie Bell
Madi Bloomfield
Tenay Bonney
Harrison Brown
Mitchell Bruce
Sophie Cheers
Lila Chuwen
Toby Colless
Siena Cooper
Giordano Dionigi
Mitchell Dorahy
Emily Edmed
Dakota Fitzgerald
Abby Fletcher
Madison Forsyth
Jack Friend
Sarah Garrett
Rohan Gibson
Mckinley Halls
Sienna Heaton
Madeline Hele
Zane Holliday
Heo Ignacio
Isabel Jeffree
Hannah Jennings
Ella Juric
Bridie Kilmore
Bella Kilmurray
Ellouise Kirkman
Isabel Krige
Finlay Magnus
Ned McRae
Juniper Mea
Briella Meyers
Tyler Moors
Monica Murphy
Brodhie Newman
Aaron Nguyen
Alice Overton
Anabelle Paynting
Kohan Pepper
Denzil Praveen
Liam Ross
Jemima Scott-Branagan
Milla Seale
Emersyn Smith
Ethan Smith
Savannah Smith
Jacob Somers
Ellyra Squires
Franjayla Tyson
Brendan Walsh
Noah Warneken
Josie Yardley

Year 11 Community Service Awards

To receive a Community Service Award, students must have completed 10 or more hours of community service.

Riley Bate
Tenay Bonney
Hunter Croft
Isabella Dragos
Emily Edmed
Dakota Fitzgerald
Samuel Fox
Emma Freeman
Sarah Garrett

Year 7-10 Semester One Awards

Outstanding Achievement (Gold)
To receive an Outstanding Achievement Award, students in their respective years must have received:

Six or more Excellence and Application Awards in Years 7, 8
Five or more Excellence and Application Awards in Years 9, 10

Congratulations to the Outstanding Achievement Award recipients:

Eliza Bajt
Sheridan Barker
Aaron Joseph Biju
Ava Cole
Adam Cook
Emily Cook
Zoe Copeland
Elkie Croft
Esther Cummins
Isla Dalton
Tiana Daly
Sophia Dominguez
Matilda Ewart
Grace Field
Arin Godbole
Ava-Grace Hawker
Teleah Holbert
Adam Jennings
Lauren Johnston
Grace Keena
Jack Kirk
Elijah Koivu
Oliver Koivu
Erin Little
Airlia Matthews
Nina McGahey
Jack McManus
Sophie Pynaert
Amelia Riley
Maisy Taylor
Hannah Thompson
Alana Toogood
Aryan Vaishnav

Outstanding Application (Green)

To receive an Outstanding Application Award, students in their respective years must have received:

Eight or more Application Awards in Years 7, 8
Seven or more Application Awards in Years 9, 10

Congratulations to the Outstanding Application Award recipients:

Kate Ainsworth
Olive Andersen
Halle Armitage
Layla Armstrong
Jeremy Auckram
Akir Baird-Philp
Lilly-Rose Bajt
Imogen Baker
Darcy Balderston
Danny Barratt
Matisse Bayly
Nevaeh Bayly
Jordan Beck
Andie Beckwith
Sophie Bentley
Mila Bi
Dane Bittu
Emilijana Bosnjak
Logan Bourke
Maksym Buckley
Kayla Burns
Bella Byfield
Isabella Campbell
Audrey Cassegrain
Matias Cervenka
Bonnie Clark
Tayla Clarke
Lily Cook
Jackson Cooper
Kieran Copeland
Eliza Crombie
Ashton Daley
Luke Davies
Isabel Dickinson
Tahnee Dimon
Jack Downing
Ceceailia Ducker
Jack Duff
Samuel Duff
Neive Dwyer
Tully Dwyer
Lucy Easton
Rebecca Eberle
Ella Ecott
Rhea Edden-Moore
Emily Eggert
Leeara Elford
Imogen Elliott
Ziggy Ewart
Cooper Farrington
Jasmine Furgeson
Matilda Fiala

Dallas Fitzgerald
Seanna Fitzpatrick
Hayley Fletcher
Hayden Forster
Sydney Forsyth
Eva Francis
Jaime Franklin
Lilly Fraser
Matthew Friend
Kallin Furlong
Aleisha Gaul
Rae Venice Gaviola
Natasha Graham
Eli Greenwell
Anika Grogan
Storm Hardy
Bailey Harris
Alexander Hearn
Ella Herbert
James Hiam
Teleah Hicks
Cassandra Hill
Jacob Hill
Tallowa Hill
Sophie Holmes
Nicholas Honeysett
Paige Hudson
Brooke Instrell
Mackenzie Jenkins
Thomas Jenkins
Hayley Jess
Declan Juric
Sophie Kahler
Lauren Kelly
Matthew Kelly
Summer Kelly
Annabelle Knox
Ilaa Kolk
Matilda Kos
Grace Kruk
Bella Lahey
Marni Lahey
Alexis Lambert
Noah Langdon
Ruby Lettoof
Penny Little
Cody Lynch
Charlee Maher
Sophie Marchment
Jessica Mason

Mia McCullough
Lara McDonnell
Tahlia McIlveen
Henry McInherney-Nash
James Meehan
Jhed Monckton
Sienna Monk
Dakota Moore
Olivia Moore
Lucinda Murphy
Kiara Newman
Matthew Nicola
Ava Nowlan
Jorja Paine
Ruby Paynting
Maeve Pepper
Savanna Purcell
Emmalee Purnell
Lucas Pynaert
Harley Rayment
Lauren Reeves
Anna Reynolds
Georgie Reynolds
Airley Rixon
Elizabeth Rogers
Evan Rowe
Khussh Sachan
Matilda Shields
Mary Slater
Charlie Smith
Lilly Smith
Rylee Smith-Comber
Mitchell Stephens
Zoe Swan
Archie Taylor
Haidyn Taylor
Max Troth
Harry Turnbull
Ava Usher
Tahlia Van Den Boom
Janisa Vinod
Annabella Walsh
Oscar Wardle
Cooper Watts
Levi Watts
Liam Wright
Hannah Young

Community Service Awards

Awarded to students who have achieved 10 or more hours of Community Service work. Congratulations to the following recipients of a Community Service award.

Elkie Croft
Esther Cummins
Adam Jennings
Elijah Koivu
Oliver Koivu
Hannah Thompson
Aryan Vaishnav
Kate Ainsworth
Jack Duff
Samuel Duff
Noah Langdon
Charlee Maher
Sophie Marchment
Khussh Sachan
Matilda Shields
Tahlia Van Den Boom
Ethan Begley
Aedan Bull
Bailey Deathridge
Brinkley McHugh
Keely Newton
Charli Paine
Lenox Pearce
Cora Puttick
Rhiannon Slater
Till Squires
Luke Stevens
Felix Wade


College Accounts

Thank you to families who have finalised their Semester One College account. A reminder to families that any outstanding accounts are now due. Those families on payment plans must continue to make regular payments.

Term 3 Reminders

Staff Development Day: Monday 18th July - Pupil Free Day

On Monday 18th July, all staff at St Joseph's Regional College will be involved in a Staff Professional Learning day. With a focus on Pastoral Care and wellbeing, sessions will include, Inclusion, Restorative Practice and Classroom Management, and Data for student learning and wellbeing.

Students are not required to attend school on this day. This is a pupil-free day.

Tuesday 19th July is our annual Athletics Carnival. This is a compulsory school day. Students may wear House colours to and from the College on Athletics Carnival Day. Further information about the running of the carnival day is available at this link. This information is also in this newsletter, and on our College website.

Wednesday 20th July is our first day of timetabled classes for Term 3.


Mrs Tanya Daley
Acting Principal

Athletics Year 8 Year 11 Student Welfare Award Ceremonies Year 9 Principal's Message Awards Year 7 Year 10 Administration News

World's Greatest Shave


Congratulations to Grace and Jacob Kruk, and their family, who recently participated in the World's Greatest Shave. 

Grace and Jacob said, "It is a real honour to be able to acknowledge and give back to a charity that helps so many families get through a terrible time. We didn't hesitate to commit to shaving our heads when mum told us about the World's Greatest Shave".

The Kruk family raised an incredible $5422 for the cause.  All monies raised go towards providing families who are facing the devastating blood cancer diagnosis, with the special care and support that they need to make it through the darkest days. It also helps the research scientists continue their search for better ways to diagnose and treat blood cancer more effectively, and ultimately find a cure.

The Kruk family are truly big-hearted Aussies who have made shaving to conquer blood cancer their MISSION: POSSIBLE!


Any school holiday period provides a timely reminder for parents to monitor and be aware of their young person’s social media engagement. The Office of the eSafety Commissioner provides a wealth of information for parents to assist them in navigating through the complex world of social media. There are a series of free webinars available for parents and carers in Term 3 with a particular focus on popular apps for young people including Tiktok, Instagram and Snapchat. Further information a link for registrations can be accessed by clicking on the link below:


Wishing all our SJRC a safe and joy-filled school holiday period.

Mrs Jennifer Furney
Assistant Principal - Pastoral Care

Assistant Principal - Pastoral Wellbeing Student Welfare


To lead in a Catholic school requires the background, understanding and professional commitment to the mission of Jesus Christ. This week a number of staff, including myself, had the opportunity to attend a two-day retreat that assisted them in developing their leadership by being more self-aware, especially in relationships with the people they meet and in all they see and do as a leader in a Catholic school.
The goals of the retreat were to:

  • reflect on Christ-centred, service-orientated leadership.
  • be empowered to adopt a process of decision making leading to the capacity to rely on inner strengths, values and faith as a way of living and working.
  • explore who they are as a leader and how they lead in their workplace.
  • consider ways of living and working in a context of freedom.

The presenter was Marty Scroope who currently works in the Catholic Schools Office, Broken Bay as Education Officer - Evangelisation and Catechesis. He has worked in a number of Jesuit schools in his career and is an experienced spiritual director in the Jesuit tradition. Marty is the author of numerous papers and books, including 'Ignatian Spirituality for Today: Key Readings for Busy People' (editor).
The retreat was most valuable and I hope to be able to share and put into action some of the inspiring and challenging ideas that were presented to us.

Community Service Award Ceremony

During Semester One we have had a relaunch and focus on Community Service in our College.

The aim of Community Service is to be ’ the hands and feet of Jesus’ by responding to our community‘s needs. During the semester, students are encouraged to become involved in service; in the Parish, through College organised activities, in local community organisations, by assisting at home or with neighbours or in individual activities and situations that they have recognised that need support.

The students were able to apply for formal recognition after participating in 10 hours of Community Service by completing a personal reflection on their experience. We encourage all students to participate in service in our community. I would like to congratulate those students who received a Community Service certificate at our Awards Ceremony.

Street Retreat

Last week a group of six, Year 11 students got the opportunity to go to Brisbane for an event called Street Retreat. Each year a group of up to 64 students in Year 11 across the Lismore Diocese join together and reach out to those in need when they spend 4 days in Brisbane working on a range of social justice programs in the area. The week is an absolutely amazing experience to be a part of but it can also be quite physically, emotionally and spiritually challenging as you give back to the community through a range of Ministry placements working with disability, aged care, rehabilitation, and social activism programs. Students have found the experience incredibly rewarding and life-changing and return to their schools with a passion and greater sense of their call of Jesus Christ to serve the poor and disadvantaged. Below are some short reflections of a couple of students' experiences at the event.

Reflection from Findlay Marshall:

I found that attending Street Retreat has put into perspective how widespread and unseen the issue of homelessness is within society. At each ministry, people who looked just like you or me would turn up and it was challenging to see just how "normal'' they were. I hadn't previously been exposed to a lot of homelessness, and in going to Street Retreat I was able to see it first-hand and really face the issue. I would highly recommend the trip to all people, and it was definitely a highlight of the year so far. It's a great experience and I felt that it was a real eye-opener for me as a person.

Reflection from Ella Juric:

Over the four days I spent at Street Retreat I got to help clean and prepare food for the homeless while also giving it out to them, it was nice to see that something as simple as this can make someone else's day. It is a retreat I would 100% recommend to anyone as I enjoyed it a lot, and it was very eye-opening for me to experience something like this, as I have never been exposed to homelessness that much before.


St Agnes Church.jfif

St Agnes' Parish News Bulletin

Each week the Parish produces a news bulletin. In this week’s bulletin:

  • Reflection on the Road to Jerusalem by Ian J Elmer
  • Congratulations to the First Holy communion recipients
  • Learning about the Liturgy in Sunday Mass
  • Ministry of Reading & Commentating workshops available
  • Ladies Morning Tea in Lake Cathie on 14 July
  • Fr Roland is on leave until 29 July

Click to read this week's Parish News Bulletin

Mr Michael Walsh
Acting Assistant Principal - Mission

Assistant Principal - Mission Evangelisation

Year 11, 2023 Enrolment

A reminder that the Year 11 2023 Information Night will be held on Monday, 25th July at 6.00 pm in the College Hall.

Please register your intention to attend by clicking on the image below or HERE.

On Wednesday, 3rd August, Year 11 2023 Enrolment Interviews will be held in our College Library for parents and students.

If your child is considering moving to Newman Senior Technical College in 2023. An information night is being held on Tuesday 26th July. Please register your attendance here.


Please find below a timeline that outlines the transition process that will take your daughter/son into Year 11 either here at St Joseph’s Regional College or at Newman Senior Technical College.

Should you have any questions about your child’s impending transition into Year 11, please do not hesitate to contact me at the College.

Please click on the following link to view a short film of past student experiences at St Joseph's Regional College movie icon


Mr Tim McCosker
Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching

Enrolment Year 11 Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching

Vinnies Winter Appeal

For the latter part of this term, the Senior Ministry Team and Year 12 Leaders have been working with the YMOs in fundraising for the Vinnies Winter Appeal.

To begin the appeal, this term there has been the clothes drive which was extremely successful in helping those in need. Over the course of our Vinnies Winter Appeal Clothes Drive that took place during Weeks 6-10, as a school, we collected around 200 items which have now been donated to St Vincent de Paul.

On Friday of Week 8, the Senior Leadership Team ran an 'Activities Day' during lunchtime. This day brought school morale together as students were given the chance to throw sponges at some teachers and play minigames for a small donation.


During Week 9, the Year 12 Hospitality class made wood-fired new york style pizzas which were available to purchase at lunchtime on Thursday. The pizza slices were a big hit and completely sold out before the end of lunch!

Also during Week 9, the Senior Ministry Team ran the Vinnies Fashion Parade as part of the 'Out of Uniform Day'. The Fashion Parade brought students and teachers together for a fun-filled lunch looking at everyone's amazing and creative outfits.

Happening in Term 3

Vinnies SleepOut

Once again St Joseph’s Regional College will be hosting the Vinnies School Sleepout. The event will be held at the College from 5:30pm on Friday 26th August, and will conclude at 7:30 am on Saturday the 27th August. A dinner consisting of soup and bread will be provided and breakfast will consist of some fruit donated by local grocers. Students and staff from MacKillop College will also join us on the night.

To register your intention to participate, please use the QR Code provided in the poster below.

Participants will be required to bring a pillow, sleeping bag and warm clothing and $10 towards the cost of the evening. A Vinnies School Sleepout allows students to connect on a personal level with the issue of homelessness by sleeping out as a school community, whilst raising awareness to support the work of the St Vincent de Paul Society. The event provides just a glimpse into what life is like for people facing homelessness in Australia. This is an opportunity for your child to have a real impact. 

Students have a permission note and a Fund Raising Form and are encouraged to seek sponsorship for the event. The $10 fee is due with the permission note and the Funds raised are due on the night.

Did you know?

  • $15 provides a day’s meals for a family struggling to put food on the table
  • $30 provides someone with a bed for a night in one of our crisis accommodation services
  • $50 provides school supplies and excursion fees for a child experiencing disadvantage
  • $80 provides a life skills course (cooking, job interview prep or computer skills at TAFE)


Follow us on Instagram @sjrcdigitalministry


Mr Timo Gobius
Leader of Evangelisation


Creative Arts Nest, A4Art Showcase!


It was a magical night celebrating creativity at our A4Art Prize Finalist Awards Event held at Newman College. So many conversations started, debates had, connections made and most importantly voices heard.

Congratulations to all of our artists for being so open and expressive with their works. We think it is fair to say our St Agnes' Education and Creative Arts Nest community is bursting with pride.

A full list of award recipients can be found at www.artsnest.com.au

During the roving exhibition, more than 6291 tokens were placed in jars where students and staff could vote for the People’s Choice Award at our Pop Up Exhibition which toured six St Agnes' Parish Secondary and Primary schools.



Congratulations to Year 11 student Heo Ignacio and his incredible artwork titled 'Our Heroes' was voted the winner of the People's Choice Award.

Heo's Artist Statement:

"Our Heroes" tributes those nurses working during the Covid-19 pandemic. Across the globe, millions of nurses and frontline workers have devoted countless days and sleepless nights to aid those suffering from Covid-19. I'm very proud to have a mother who is a nurse that possesses love, bravery, commitment and sacrifice even in the most challenging times. Nurses are a vital part of our community which is why I acknowledge their perseverance through my digital work.

Creative Arts St Agnes' Parish News
  featured image

15th June 2021

The SJRC Athletics Carnival will be held on Tuesday the 19th of July.

Traditionally this is an excellent day of competition, participation and fingers crossed – great weather.   Students compete in Houses for the coveted CC Adams Shield.

Students may wear house colours to and from the College on Athletics Carnival Day.

The day starts immediately after PC with a rotation of six events.  Students will move through this rotation in their age groups (age they turn this year).  The events are 100m, shot putt, discus, long jump, javelin and 200m.  Lunch will be held around 12:45pm.  One of the highlights – the 100m finals and relays conclude the competition.  Presentation of Age Champions and runners-up, as well as Champion House, will complete the carnival. 

A fundraising sausage sizzle and drink stand will operate at lunchtime. Students have the option to purchase a sausage sandwich ($2) and/or drink ($2). We will be selling 200 sausage sandwiches and drinks only. Our College canteen will operate as normal. All money raised will go towards supporting St Joseph's, Coraki flood recovery.

The top two competitors in each event will be named in the SJRC Athletics Squad to compete at the Diocesan Carnival on Thursday 24th of August 2022.  This carnival is also a selection trial for the Diocesan Athletics Squad to attend the CCC Carnival on Friday the 12th of September which completes the school pathway.

2022 SJRC Athletics Carnival Program

This is a compulsory day for all students. Jobs will be allocated on the day for injured students – please send a note of explanation in to Mr. Kelly on Tuesday.  They earn house points for helping.

If it is raining the morning of the carnival please check our Facebook PageTwitter feed and website for postponements.  Normal Day 1 (Monday) if wet.

Events to be completed after the carnival – 1500m, 800m, 400m and pre-carnival, Triple Jump and High Jump for all ages.  Please click the link below for an updated house points score and age champion race spreadsheets following our pre-carnival events.

Good luck to all students – participation is key to win this House Competition.

Mr. Damien Kelly
Leader of Sport

1st July 2022

Athletics Web Article sports_article

Mid Coast Careers Market

The Mid Coast Careers Market was a fun and interactive, hands-on Expo for Year 10, held at the Race Course on Wednesday 21st June 2022.

Year 10 students were able to discuss their career options with local businesses, industry representatives and training providers and receive up-to-the-minute, relevant information. Talking to people who already work in their field of interest enabled Year 10 to learn about training and study pathways first-hand. They found out what types of positions are available, how to get them and which growth areas can provide sustainable employment.

Students also had the opportunity to interact with support services with the capabilities to foster and guide them in their quest for their chosen career. All exhibitors encouraged students to be involved through their highly interactive and entertaining displays and contributed to the fun and energetic atmosphere and success of the day.

Year 10 are to be congratulated on their exemplary behaviour, I was very proud to be involved with Year 10 who were wonderful representatives of SJRC.
Many thanks to Mid Coast Connect for their brilliant organisation of the day – the many hours of organisation were evident in the smooth running of the Expo.

Leanne Tinsey
Leader of Future Pathways.

The results of application to a goal and displaying a great work ethic has meant that our alumna Brittany Goodsell Walsh will be graduating as a teacher next year armed with a toolkit of practical opportunities gained through her role as a Teaching Assistant. Congratulations Britt!

#teacher #aHSC4opportunity


Transport NSW 

Transport for NSW is seeking feedback on how to improve customer journeys and connectivity on the Port Macquarie bus network.

What’s this about?

Transport is delivering the 16 Regional Cities Services Improvement program. The program aims to create better customer journeys with better bus networks and timetables.

Improvements may include:

  • changes to existing journeys
  • new routes or services
  • extended operating hours across the day or week
  • better connections to get people where they need to go, including shops, work, education, medical facilities, and other modes of transport

Have your say!

You can submit your feedback by 29 July:

Please also register for our online information session:

The community is invited to attend an online information session at 12.15pm on Wednesday, 20 July 2022 to hear how bus services can be made more convenient and accessible and ask your questions.

Register to attend the session at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/334996011087

Visit the program website for further information:

Port Macquarie flyer - A4 (1).jpg

Busways - Proposed Changes to Service Buses S442 & S577


Please find below information in regards to a change that Busways is proposing and is seeking feedback for School Bus S442 & S577.

The Information Letter explaining the proposal will also be distributed to all students on affected services by Busways Drivers.

To provide feedback, please contact Busways Customer Service on 1300 69 2929 or infoline@busways.com.au

Letter - School Bus Service S442

Letter - School Bus Service S577

For further information please contact Busways Customer Service on 1300 69 2929 or infoline@busways.com.au.

Volunteers Wanted


We cannot run the canteen without you; as the saying goes:

"Many Hands Make Light Work".

If you are able to spare an hour or so of your time, we would
love for you to join us.

Please contact Donna Hamlin through the College Office on 5525 4100.

Weekly Lunch Specials

Term 3 Week 1 Lunch Specials 
Tuesday Athletics carnival
Wednesday Beef Lasagne
Thursday Bacon & Cheese Burger
Friday Chicken Pesto Pasta

Term 3 Week 2 Lunch Specials 
Monday Hawaiian Chicken Burger
Tuesday Apricot Chicken & Rice
Wednesday Vegetarian Ravioli w/ pesto
Thursday Bacon & Cheese Stuffed Potato
Friday Spaghetti Bolognaise

The Canteen opens at 8.00 am every school day.

CLICK HERE for the Canteen's everyday menu.

Ms Donna Hamlin
Food Services Manager


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School Holiday fun at Sovereign Hills
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